Q: If I have a question, where can I get the answer?
A: You can contact the Consortium at 807-274-6664. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Q: Is my child's bus late? Where can I find the answer?
A: You can click Bus Delays and Cancellations on the main page of the website. All delays of 15 minutes or more are posted.

Q: How do I change my child’s bus arrangements?
A: All changes/requests must be done in writing on a F11 Student Transportation Change Form. Return the completed form to your child’s school.

Q: What is the Visible Parent Program?
A: All Students in JK or SK require a parent/guardian to accompany them to and from the bus stop. This is for the safety of your child. Please note that you have to ensure that your JK/SK child is taken to and met at the bus stop as we will not let your child off the bus, and your child will be returned to the school.

Q: Can I request that the bus driver change my stop time, bus stop or part of the route?
A: Drivers do not have the authority to make any changes to the route including times, configuration or stops. A driver cannot and will not authorize requests and could be subject to disciplinary action should this occur. Please do not put your driver in this situation. All requests should be made through the school on a F11 Student Transportation Form.

Q: What if my child misses the bus can I just drive them to the next bus stop?
A: No, should a student miss the bus the parent/guardian is responsible to drive the student to school and not to the next bus stop.

Q: If my child is having trouble with other students on the bus, who should I contact?
A: The school bus is considered an extension of the classroom where students are responsible and accountable for their actions. Any concerns should be discussed with your child’s school principal.

Q: Why can’t my child eat on the bus?
A: Children cannot eat on the bus because of the potential for severe allergic reactions of other students and the danger of choking.

Q: How do I file an appeal?
A: Please complete an F12 Appeal Contact Form. Your appeal will be addressed in accordance with Procedure 106 Process for Appealing Decisions.

Q: What if I have a concern with the bus stop location?
A: Please complete an F08 Request for Stop Location Review Form. We will investigate all safety concerns.

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