Inclement Weather


Reminder To Parents:

Please ensure students are ready several minutes ahead of their bus schedule. As safety is paramount when students are concerned School Bus Drivers are instructed that students are to be picked up and delivered to their designated pick up/drop off points only.

Please note that should a student miss the bus, the parents/guardians are responsible to drive the student to school and not to the next bus stop. You can also find further information on if your child should miss the bus @ the end of the day by clicking this link: Procedure 311- Missed Students

Aside from having our Delays & Cancellations Blog we also provide all delays & cancellations on our Facebook & Twitter pages. They can be found @ the following:

Facebook- @rrdtsc
Twitter- @rrdtsc

Questions about our Inclement Weather Bus Cancellations process? CLICK HERE!

** Reminder to all motorists to slow down in school zones and pay attention to the reduced speed limits, be courteous to bus drivers and have patience as kids load and unload, also make note that motorists are required by law to stop for a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. Fines for failing to do so range from $400 to $2000. **